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We areĀ a worldwide federation of Salesian development NGOs, formally registered in 2010 in Italy, whose vision, mission and actions are inspired by the values and principles expressed by the Gospel, the Teaching of the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Salesian congregation.


Our vision is to empower youth and families to become the protagonists of their own development and that of their society.


We promote fundamental values of social justice, fraternity and solidarity with the most vulnerable people, especially youth, in the world.

We believe in grassroots work on the local level as well as in exchange of information and good practices on global scale therefore we support capacity building of Planning and Development Offices in more than 50 developing countries.

We foster international development cooperation to bring consolation and practical, coordinated help in case of global emergencies.

Dialogue and advocacy are tools to liberate people and therefore promote social change. We create awareness for human dignity and human rights following the integral educational pedagogy and preventive system of Don Bosco.

The Federation, whose headquarters are in Rome, counts on the networking among 9 NGOs:

  • VIS (Italy)
  • Via Don Bosco (Belgium)
  • Don Bosco Mondo (Germany)
  • Misiones Salesianas (Spain)
  • Salesian Missions (USA)
  • Don Bosco Jugendhilfe Weltweit (Switzerland)
  • BoscoNet (India)
  • SAVIO (Slovakia)
  • Don Bosco Ireland Youth Aid (Ireland)

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