Freetown flood

Freetown flood
DATE: August 18, 2017 CATEGORY: Emergency, News

Collage 2Don Bosco Fambul in Freetown is assisting 300 children and young people affected by fatal mudslides in the Regent area of the city as Sierra Leone entered a week-long mourning period for the victims of the flooding that has killed more than 300 people, with fears that the death toll could rise as 600 remain missing. AFP news agency reported on Wednesday that among the dead were at least 105 children.

Three days of torrential rain triggered mudslides on Monday in the Regent area of the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown. It also caused massive flooding elsewhere in the city, one of the world’s wettest urban areas in the world. The exact death toll was unclear. Rescue workers recovered almost 400 bodies, Reuters reported, citing Freetown’s chief coroner.

DBN Board meeting
DATE: July 24, 2017 CATEGORY: News

170724_DBN Board)On the 24th of July 2017 Don Bosco Network Board met in SDB General House in Rome to plan DBN work for 2017/2018. Fr Guillermo Basanes – Counsillor for the Missions, Bro Jean Paul Muller – Economer General, Fr George Menamparampil – SDB Mission Department, Peter Annegarn – DBN President, Alessandro Brescia DBN Treasurer, and Wojciech Mroczek – DBN Coordinator attended the meeting. Joanna Stozek handed over her Presidency duties to Peter Anegarn during the meeting.

DBN Newsletter July 2017
DATE: July 6, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

org3Dear Members of the Salesian Family!

After five years of service to DBN I handover the position of the President of the Board of Management to Peter Annegarn. Thank you so much for your cooperation over the past years. In particular thank you for your openness and every good word. Confronting the understanding of DBN, which was shaped over the last years, I would like to underline once more that DBN is an organization at the service of the Salesian Congregation. It is not a superstructure that usurps the right to manage others, but it is a body that supports others to communicate better together and meet on the planes where they can work together to achieve the goals set by the Congregation. This is not the direction I chose, but the fundamental decision of all the DBN members that formed the network. Therefore, let us not be afraid of each other, but let’s take advantage of opportunities that we can offer to each other.

I hope we meet again, at latest in heaven!

Joanna Stożek, DBN PresidentRead more »

Peter Annegarn – New President of Don Bosco Network
DATE: May 31, 2017 CATEGORY: News


30-31 May 2017 members of Don Bosco Network accompanied by the Councilor for Missions Fr Guillermo Basanes and the Coordinator of Mission Offices Fr George Menamparampil, met at the VIA Don Bosco headquarters in Brussels for the annual General Assembly meeting to discuss the next steps of the network development.

As Joanna Stozek from SWM, Poland stepped down as DBN President due to change of professional carrier; Peter Annegarn the President of VIA Don Bosco, in supplementary elections, was unanimously elected by all the members the new President of Don Bosco Network. Peter has a great experience of leadership as he is also the President for European Forum of National Laity Committees. Peter worked as well with DBN in the past when the Network was newly established. We wish Peter great success and inspiration in this new leadership task in supporting Don Bosco Mission worldwide.

Why is Don Bosco still important today?
DATE: April 3, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Why is Don Bosco still important today? The audio statements of these young people show that Don Bosco is the opposite of old and rusty. His preventive approach and his loving kindness towards marginalized and excluded children and youths is as valid today as yesterday. This soundcloud was created in cooperation with Medienwerkstatt Bonn.