Don Bosco Network Newsletter – December 2018

Don Bosco Network Newsletter – December 2018
DATE: December 3, 2018 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Dear Members of the Salesian Family,

As you will read in this newsletter Don Bosco Network continues to facilitate synergy and effective cooperation between Salesian Family organizations and networks from different SDB regions and continents at the service of Don Bosco Mission for young people. Working together as one family we are more effective.

Recently we have also started participation in the work of the Forum for Catholic NGOs based in the Vatican. As a faith based/Catholic/Salesian civil society organization we ensure that young people in need of support are included in the international policy of the Church and Civil Society. Working in partnership with the Church, governments and civil society organizations provide better opportunity for sustainable development and assurance that young people in need “are not left behind”.Read more »

Don Bosco Network- Website, Database, and Cloud Service Tutorial
DATE: November 29, 2018 CATEGORY: News

We are grateful to SWM media team for making a brief video with instructions how to use DBN platform you can view the film in the link below:


Don Bosco Network members support Salesian work with refugees in Palabek
DATE: November 13, 2018 CATEGORY: News

In a year of their presence in the Palabek refugee camp in Uganda, the Salesians have already won the trust of the people, especially women and children, fleeing the war in South Sudan, bringing with them nothing but the clothes they had on, people who only dream of returning to their country in an atmosphere of peace. As in the case of the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, the Salesians are the only organization that resides permanently in the camp and Don Bosco is already a moral authority for the refugees.

The area is about 400 km2 of forest that is destined to accommodate about 150,000 refugees. The generosity of the Ugandan government with the people fleeing the war in neighboring South Sudan has led to numerous refugee camps, but also to various other forms of support and attention, such as issuing work permits in Uganda for those who leave their past due to violence.Read more »

Don Bosco Network Development Cooperation Working Group meeting 9th October 2018
DATE: October 12, 2018 CATEGORY: News

On the 9th of October 2018 members and partners of the Don Bosco Network (DBN) including the Councilor for Missions Fr Guillermo Basanes, Economer General Bro Jean Paul Muller and the Coordinator of Mission Offices Fr George Menamparampil, met at the DBN headquarters in Rome for the Development Cooperation Working Group meeting.

Representatives of Don Bosco organizations from Europe, USA and Africa discussed best possible ways of support to young people education and skills training all over the world. Special attention was given to youth in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Following the mission of Don Bosco, Don Bosco Network empowers young people to have their dreams of better life and access to job market fulfilled in their home countries. It is due to such programmes as Don Bosco Tech Africa which stands for 100 technical institutions in 34 countries in Africa the young people do not have to migrate in order to find better life. Through the education, skills training and job finding support they can realize their dreams and built better future in their own home countries and communities.Read more »

Advocacy according to Salesian perspective
DATE: September 21, 2018 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

The 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations opens in New York. The Salesians actively participate through an intense activity of advocacy, and are at work in this and other international organizations where it is possible to have the voice of the young heard, bringing to the attention of political decision-makers the needs and expectations of the poorest and most marginalized young. What does doing “advocacy” mean in the Salesian key? But above all, why is this theme imposed today on the reflections of the Congregation and of the Salesian Family? Trying to answer these and other similar questions is the Position Paper entitled “What does advocacy mean according to a Salesian perspective”, recently adopted by the Rector Major and by the General Council of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

The text, drawn up and beginning with the contributions of various Salesian NGOs together with an Expert Group of “Don Bosco International”, first defines the concept of ‘advocacy’ as a “process to support people and enable them to express their point of view, their concerns, gain access to information and services, promote and protect their rights and responsibilities, examine choices and options.”Read more »