World Conference of Salesian Mission Offices

World Conference of Salesian Mission Offices
DATE: January 19, 2019 CATEGORY: News

The World Conference of Salesian Mission Offices is being held from 16-20 January at the “Domus Urbis” House in Rome.  90 people are taking part – 68 Salesians, 1 FMA and 21 lay people from 54 Provinces and 45 countries. The Conference has been organised by Fr George Menamparampil, SDB, Coordinator of Mission Offices. Don Bosco Network is actively taking part in the conference.

We Are Don Bosco
DATE: December 19, 2018 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Don Bosco:
Missionary of the Young

Saint John “Don” Bosco truly lived his life for others—especially the poor, downtrodden young men living on the streets of Turin, Italy, near where he was born.

By the mid-19th century, thousands of these boys had traveled from the rural countryside, seeking better opportunities in a newly booming industrial city. But Turin wasn’t ready for them. Inadequate housing options, and a strained social support system, meant that almost as many landed in overcrowded slums—where crime, disease and despair ran rampant. Many youth roamed the streets and were a menace to society with their unruly behavior.Read more »

Don Bosco Network Newsletter – December 2018
DATE: December 3, 2018 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Dear Members of the Salesian Family,

As you will read in this newsletter Don Bosco Network continues to facilitate synergy and effective cooperation between Salesian Family organizations and networks from different SDB regions and continents at the service of Don Bosco Mission for young people. Working together as one family we are more effective.

Recently we have also started participation in the work of the Forum for Catholic NGOs based in the Vatican. As a faith based/Catholic/Salesian civil society organization we ensure that young people in need of support are included in the international policy of the Church and Civil Society. Working in partnership with the Church, governments and civil society organizations provide better opportunity for sustainable development and assurance that young people in need “are not left behind”.Read more »

Don Bosco Network- Website, Database, and Cloud Service Tutorial
DATE: November 29, 2018 CATEGORY: News

We are grateful to SWM media team for making a brief video with instructions how to use DBN platform you can view the film in the link below:


Don Bosco Network members support Salesian work with refugees in Palabek
DATE: November 13, 2018 CATEGORY: News

In a year of their presence in the Palabek refugee camp in Uganda, the Salesians have already won the trust of the people, especially women and children, fleeing the war in South Sudan, bringing with them nothing but the clothes they had on, people who only dream of returning to their country in an atmosphere of peace. As in the case of the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, the Salesians are the only organization that resides permanently in the camp and Don Bosco is already a moral authority for the refugees.

The area is about 400 km2 of forest that is destined to accommodate about 150,000 refugees. The generosity of the Ugandan government with the people fleeing the war in neighboring South Sudan has led to numerous refugee camps, but also to various other forms of support and attention, such as issuing work permits in Uganda for those who leave their past due to violence.Read more »