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Don Bosco Network is committed to defend human rights of children and young people in need and to advocate for their empowerment.

Our main task is to facilitate communication between all the Salesian organizations and to contribute to common strategy in Human Rights and Advocacy fields.

Speaking with one voice Salesian Family present in more than 130 countries is working to support young people and children and give them the possibility to fulfil their potential and participate actively in the society.


Don Bosco Network Newsletter June 2020
DATE: June 26, 2020 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

“Solidarity”, “taking care”,These two words have been used very often these last weeks and months.

“Solidarity” has been the driving force behind the joined actions of the Missions department and the Don Bosco Network, on behalf of the most vulnerable youth in this COVID-19 emergency and this solidarity could only be put into practice thanks to you, the Salesian NGOs and Mission Offices.

“Taking care” is another word used many times! Many of us ended our conversations by “take care of yourself and your beloved”This makes me think about what Giovani Bosco means by integral and holistic education. “Taking care” of the person as a whole, it is a very open word with many facets, and in solidarity with the vulnerable youth.

Another statement I took up during these zoom-meetings is what Fr Alfred said: “We should not bite off more than what we can chew”, changes can only be a success if they are not too radical and if we take time for reflexion. “Qui va piano va sano!” (Who goes gently goes safely).We have to continue – we from DBN, together with the Congregation – to put “solidarity” and “taking care” in practice.

The world will not be the same as a few months ago, situations have changed, we have changed and we must think differently!We showed already that we have changed the way we work as Green Alliance formulated it: “Rethink and reconnect”, by organizing our meetings via Zoom.Do we realize the number of flights the participants would have taken to come to Rome for these meetings? This is good for the climate but it is good to be reminded that Laudato Si’ is not dealing only with climate and ecological problems, but also with social problems. Sr Sarah from Geneva said, “We have to speak the Human rights language”, Laudato Si’ is in fact a matter of human dignity, of solidarity, of taking care.

With my best wishes, Take care of yourself and your beloved!

Peter Annegarn, DBN President

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DBN GA and WG meetings 26th and 27th May 2020
DATE: May 28, 2020 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

On the 26th and 27th of May 2020 members and partners of the Don Bosco Network (DBN) including the Councilor for Missions Fr Alfred Maravilla, Councilor for Youth Ministry Fr Miguel Ángel García Morcuende, Economer General Bro Jean Paul Muller and the Coordinator of Mission Offices Fr George Menamparampil, took part in the annual General Assembly and Working Group meetings online.

On the 26th May Advocacy planning meeting discussions were led by the SDB UN representative, Don Bosco International (DBI), Don Bosco Green Alliance (DBGA) and IIMA Human Rights Office of the Salesian Sisters FMA. Participants shared their experiences and planned cooperation between official representation at United Nations, European Union, African Union and other international forums. Advocacy online workshop for Salesian PDOs was planned for 9 and 10 June 2020.

During the DBN General Assembly, Development Education and Development Cooperation Working Group meetings 25 representatives of Don Bosco organizations from Europe, USA, India and Africa discussed COVID-19 impact on programs, projects and operations, effective coordinated response to this pandemic and plans for new post emergency situation. Working together DBN organization continue to provide effective support to Don Bosco Mission Worldwide in this difficult time for all.

Don Bosco in the fight against COVID-19
DATE: March 25, 2020 CATEGORY: Advocacy, Emergency, News

Recommendations to prevent contagions, suggestions on how to continue helping the population in different local contexts, and finally several ideas for drawing lessons from this pandemic: these are the fundamental elements of a fraternal letter sent by Bursar General, Bro. Jean Paul Muller, SDB, to the Salesian Provincials around the world due to Covid-19’s advancement at the global level.

“Dear Provincial, I hope you have been able to make your way back home. You can imagine how concerned we are about the situation …”, begins Bro Muller. He then goes on to indicate several of the most well-known and basic hygienic actions for one’s personal protection and the containment of infections, before suggesting a number of specific preventive measures for the Salesian religious communities themselves.

Our models are Don Bosco and his boys at the time of a cholera epidemic. More recently, we’ve had our brave confreres in Sierra Leone and Liberia at the time of Ebola.”

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Don Bosco Network Newsletter January 2020
DATE: January 23, 2020 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Dear brothers and sisters in Don Bosco!

A few weeks ago I had opportunity to attend the “Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs” in Rome. Seven Don Bosco organisations took part in this Forum. The subject was “Toward a more inclusive society”. I was impressed during the working group sessions by the idea that we are all on the same journey – faith based NGOs and civil society organisations – for the sake of human dignity and leaving no one behind! This is exactly what Don Bosco asks of us on behalf of the young vulnerable people of our countries. And, as he used to say, “alone I cannot do it!”. Another important meeting was the Energy Forever Conference, organised by the Mission Department; DBN took part in it as well. I would like to quote a sentence from the Final Statement: “The Preventive System integral to the Salesian educative approach brings together four dimensions: the educative, religious, cultural and vocational. Ecology and care for our common home are constituent parts of this approach with its aim of holistic human growth and development.” This year is a very important year, with the XXVIII General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation, in Turin. The title of this GC seems very prophetic to me: “What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?” Looking at inclusion – which is rather different from integration – I would like to express our wishes for 2020 to reach better unity and brotherly partnerships, with all the partners of the DBN, the DBN members, the Mission Offices, FMA, SDB, the PDOs…Looking forward to continue our journey together this year.

With Kind Regards,

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DATE: December 6, 2019 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

5-7.12.2019 Forum of Catholic Inspired Organizations took place in Rome at Villa Aurelia. The Forum meets every 2 years and works closely with Vatican Dicastery for Human Integral Development. For last two years the Forum worked in seven working groups: 1) Human Rights, 2) Development and environment, 3) Health, 4) Education, 5) Family, 6) Migration, 7) Youth. The expert working groups prepared a publication: Towards a More Inclusive Society which will guide Catholic organizations in advocacy work in relevant topics on national and international levels. 135 participants from over 100 Catholic organizations and networks took part in the Forum meeting which was concluded with the audience with Pope Francis. Representatives from Don Bosco Network, Don Bosco International, Don Bosco Youth Net, VIS, Misiones Salesianas, IIMA Human Rights Office of the Salesian sisters and Don Bosco Green Alliance took active part in the work of the working groups and in the Forum meeting at Villa Aurelia in Rome.