Saved by the Bell

Don Bosco Network is committed to defend human rights of children and young people in need and to advocate for their empowerment.

Our main task is to facilitate communication between all the Salesian organizations and to contribute to common strategy in Human Rights and Advocacy fields.

Speaking with one voice Salesian Family present in more than 130 countries is working to support young people and children and give them the possibility to fulfil their potential and participate actively in the society.


Why is Don Bosco still important today?
DATE: April 3, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Why is Don Bosco still important today? The audio statements of these young people show that Don Bosco is the opposite of old and rusty. His preventive approach and his loving kindness towards marginalized and excluded children and youths is as valid today as yesterday. This soundcloud was created in cooperation with Medienwerkstatt Bonn.


Be the change – Don Bosco youth against hate, extremism, radicalism and discrimination
DATE: April 3, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

In cooperation with the German Grimme-Institut seven participants have produced this film in a “Digital Storytelling” workshop. They learned how to tell a good story and wrote their personal stories in small exercises, collected license free pictures and music. Finally they decided about the concept of this film and learned how to speak in front of a video camera and strengthened their digital competences.


Photo story from Volunteer in India
DATE: March 24, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Bonn Don Bosco Mission Volunteer in a project in Tamil Nadu in India, initiated a little “campaign” against child labour.

Let us pray for peace in Syria! #PRAY4SYRIA
DATE: November 14, 2016 CATEGORY: Advocacy, Emergency, News

IMG_6429We realized this was the sole request of everyone we interviewed, praying for peace. It became clear what we were really set out to do here – relate Michał Król, Fr Roman Sikoń SDB and Darek Malejonek (Polish Singer) from Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service – Youth for the World (Poland) who have spent week in Syria. In choosing not to immerse ourselves in the convoluted political situation Syria found itself in, we focused instead on the lives of ordinary civilians and the Salesians who were trapped in the jaws of daily war, we also met with hundreds of young Syrians at the Salesian youth center who inspired us with their kindness and authenticity. They too did not hesitate to ask us to keep them in our intentions and prayers.

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“Save by the Bell” Campaign – VIA Don Bosco
DATE: October 5, 2016 CATEGORY: Advocacy

save by the bellEvery 5 October since 1994, UNESCO has celebrated World Teachers’ Day. Nowadays the teacher “has become a much criticized figure.” Speaking of teachers, Pope Francis has said they are “craftsmen of humanity! And builders of peace and of encounter” and he insisted, saying:” If only governments were aware of the magnitude of their task!” On the occasion of this World Teachers’ Day, the NGO “VIA DON BOSCO” decided to “draw attention to the right to access to education around the world.”

Students in Belgium are relieved at the sound of the bell after class but millions of children and adolescents around the world have no one to save them from “the well-known difficult conditions for teaching, such as overcrowded classrooms, or schools without teachers” says Christopher El Khazen, head of education for development of the NGO Via Don Bosco.Read more »