RMG – Salesians: South Sudan, a country in its infancy, has a right to peace and development

Everyday somewhere in the world the earth is shaking, heavy rains cause the rivers flood the fields and villages, typhoons and hurricanes devastate the land, draughts destroy the crops depriving people of their basic needs. Only some of these break into global news because of their extend range and severe impact on the great number of people’s lives.

Salesian communities present in 132 countries in the world deal with these calamities and their effects on a regular basis. Most of the times, when the disaster affects limited area, communities and provinces respond locally. But in some cases, when the emergency hits with a great force like it happened in Haiti in 2010, in Philippines in 2013 or in Nepal in 2014, there is a need for international response and solidarity involving other Salesian provinces, Salesian organizations, institutions as well as private and public donors supporting the affected population in all phases of emergency relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Since 2013, Don Bosco Network has been established by the Rector Major a focal point coordinating global emergency responses of the Salesians. Joining the efforts of many Salesian NGOs, Mission Offices and other partners, we do everything we can to provide fast and accurate help in case of emergency.


Let us pray for peace in Syria! #PRAY4SYRIA
DATE: November 14, 2016 CATEGORY: Advocacy, Emergency, News

IMG_6429We realized this was the sole request of everyone we interviewed, praying for peace. It became clear what we were really set out to do here – relate Michał Król, Fr Roman Sikoń SDB and Darek Malejonek (Polish Singer) from Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service – Youth for the World (Poland) who have spent week in Syria. In choosing not to immerse ourselves in the convoluted political situation Syria found itself in, we focused instead on the lives of ordinary civilians and the Salesians who were trapped in the jaws of daily war, we also met with hundreds of young Syrians at the Salesian youth center who inspired us with their kindness and authenticity. They too did not hesitate to ask us to keep them in our intentions and prayers.

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Haiti – Hurricane Matthew devastates the country. Damage to the SDB work at Les Cayes
DATE: October 6, 2016 CATEGORY: Emergency, News

IMG_2220Hurricane Matthew, one of the most catastrophic tropical storms of the past decade, has hit Haiti very hard. At least nineteen people have died.  This is a Category 4 storm with winds that have reached a speed of 230 km per hour. The southern part of the country was the part most affected by the hurricane. The Salesians are safe and well, but the community at the entrance of the southern city of Les Cayes suffered considerable damage, although the buildings were able to withstand the strong winds.

The hurricane has stunned the entire country. All Haitian schools will remain closed until next Monday 10 October.  Now the storm is heading for the Bahamas and the South East of the United States. The presidential elections in the country scheduled for next Sunday have had to be postponed.  The Salesians have also had to postpone the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of their arrival, originally scheduled for yesterday 5 October.Read more »

RMG – Salesians: South Sudan, a country in its infancy, has a right to peace and development
DATE: July 15, 2016 CATEGORY: Emergency, News

2016.07.13 - 01(Rome, July 15, 2016) – Between Sunday and Monday last, thousands of frightened people sought refuge in the Salesian mission at Gumbo, 8 km from the centre of Juba, in South Sudan, because of the resumption of armed clashes. Now the mission is home to a huge number of people: between 5,000 and 8,000 by day, a number that increases at night because many return there to sleep. And they need everything: food, water, basic necessities.

In Gumbo explosions and gunfire were heard clearly, especially in the afternoon and evening of Monday 11 July even after the cease-fire by both sides had been proclaimed. “Gunfire, bursts of machine gun and bullets rose into the sky like fireworks.  Within a short time the shooting came from all directions, and even approached our compound,” according to Salesian missionary Bro. James Comino.Read more »

Flood in Sri Lanka
DATE: May 20, 2016 CATEGORY: Emergency, News

32Floodwaters and landslides in Sri Lanka have forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes, report agencies. At least 37 people have died and 21 are missing after three days of incessant rains and destructive landslides. “As Salesians we are here to help the people in desperate need although we ourselves are also suffering just as much as the people in general,” says Fr Joseph Almeida, provincial of Salesians in Sri Lanka.Read more »

Ecuador Earthquake
DATE: May 12, 2016 CATEGORY: Emergency, News

SDM school Manta 2On the 16th of April 2016 7.8 Magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador, more than 600 people died, and 14,000 are displaced. SDB community in Manta suffered damages to the buildings. Salesians are assisting the affected people with emergency relief help. Don Bosco Network supported the local SDB province and PDO to establish good communication channels with the donors. For more information visit Ecuador SDB province website: http://www.salesianos.org.ec/ and you will find all the current updates, reports and materials in the link Familia Salesiana Solidaria.