DBN coordinator meets Middle East Council
DBN coordinator meets Middle East Council
DATE: October 5, 2023

On Sunday 1st October, Angel GudiƱa met the whole Provincial Council of Middle East Province and Adele Amato, as Emergency Coordinator within the PDO, to evaluate the Emergency Response Mechanism after 9 months of coordination and to agree in the steps to be taken for the post-emergency phase in the coming months.

After these 9 months, over 2 million projects and 19 projects, the Salesians have supported thousands of victims in Syria and Lebanon, thanks to the solidarity of several Salesian NGOs and Mission Offices from all around the world.

As well, several challenges have been identified: how to sustain Syrian youth to remain in their country, supporting them in the access to work and housing, how to ensure electricity and energy supply to families in need in perspective to the coming winter.

Middle East Provincial Council remains extremely grateful to the support received as well as to the coordination provided by DBN and the several NGOs that have supported them.