Don Bosco Network General Assembly and Development Cooperation Working Group meeting
Don Bosco Network General Assembly and Development Cooperation Working Group meeting
DATE: May 30, 2019

On 29-30 May 2019, members and partners of the Don Bosco Network (DBN), including the Councilor for Missions, Fr Guillermo Basañes, SDB, Economer General, Bro Jean Paul Muller, SDB, and the Coordinator of Mission Offices, Fr George Menamparampil, SDB, met at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome for the annual General Assembly and Development Cooperation Working Group meetings.

25 representatives of Don Bosco organizations from Europe, USA, India and Africa discussed the best possible ways of support to young people education and skills training all over the world. Special attention was given to youth in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Following the mission of Don Bosco, Don Bosco Network empowers young people to have their dreams of a better life and access to the job market fulfilled in their home countries. It is due to such programmes as Don Bosco Tech Africa, which stands for 102 technical institutions in 34 countries in Africa, that young people do not have to migrate in order to find better life. Through the education, skills training and job finding support they can realize their dreams and build a better future in their own home countries and communities. Similar programs and networks like BoscoNet in South Asia Region, Young People at Risk (YARs) networks in Inter-America and South Asia regions assure the effectiveness of Don Bosco Mission.

Don Bosco Network provides this support through: professional capacity building programmes, effective humanitarian aid, resilience programmes, partnership building, cooperation and networking. DBN is using modern techniques and means of communication.

Don Bosco Network cares about the future for all by engaging with partners in the innovative green energy programmes.

The network is growing as more Salesian organizations join in effective collaboration. This year Don Bosco Network welcomed a new member: Mission Office Ireland