Mexico – A new, violent earthquake shakes Mexico: Salesians of Don Bosco begin to organize relief
Mexico – A new, violent earthquake shakes Mexico: Salesians of Don Bosco begin to organize relief
DATE: September 22, 2017
CATEGORY: Emergency, News

b68b3ccfe896ef105681f423d72ff5a9_XL[1]The earthquake bearing a magnitude of 7.1° on the Richter scale that struck Mexico on Tuesday, September 19, has caused hundreds of victims: 217, according to the Civil Protection Service as of this morning, but the number may increase due to the high probability that there are people trapped under collapsed buildings. Mexico’s National Civil Protection Coordinator, Luis Felipe Puente, said the victims numbered 86 in Mexico City, 71 in Morelos, 43 in Puebla, 12 in the State of Mexico, 4 in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca. Unfortunately, following the collapse of the “Enrique Rebsamen” school, there are at least 25 children among the earthquake’s victims. The search for survivors is currently underway.

Shortly after the earthquake, the Provincials of the two Provinces of Mexico, Fr Hugo Orozco Sánchez, of Mexico-Guadalajara (MEM), and Fr Gabino Hernández Paleta, of Mexico-Mexico, sent a statement regarding the status of Salesians and the Salesian centers throughout Mexico, affirming there was no harm to people and that damage to property would be quantified at a later date.

Fr Ignacio Ocampo Uribe, Vicar of MEM, has issued a statement saying: “Since the earthquake, we have had communications with all of our communities, and thank God, all our brothers, collaborators and recipients of our good works are fine. We know that some of our centers have been affected. The Provincial (who is in Turin, Italy) asked me to invite you for prayer, for calm and due analysis to verify the damage of the centers and to not expose anyone to danger.”

In light of such an event, an appeal to prayer was made. “Pray especially for these people and for those who work intensively in emergency services,” he said, “that they know how to be testimony of serenity, comfort and hope. We continue to thank the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe for her maternal protection and to ask for her intercession for the victims.”

In the forthcoming hours, the Salesian centers shall be busy providing not only material support but, above all, spiritual and human support to the many people who have lost peace and serenity.