Ukraine – The war with Russia and the Don Bosco response
Ukraine – The war with Russia and the Don Bosco response
DATE: March 9, 2022
CATEGORY: Emergency, News, Top News
The situation at the Polish-Ukranian border

Beginning of March 2022, this crisis started with the Russian military invasion in Ukraine. It was the start of a war, the start of a tremendous humanitarian crisis. Millions of people fleeing towards neighbouring countries, cities who are under constant threat of being bombed, families losing everything as their houses are turned in to ruines, …

Immediately after the first incoming news, the Salesians in Ukraine started organizing themselves to host affected families, offering medical and food support to families and parishioners in need, …
Neighbouring provinces offered their support to the Salesians in Ukraine. The Slovak province, in collaboration with the salesians in Lviv and Ukrainian police transported 50 orphans, staying in the salesian center in Lviv, to Slovakia. The children were placed in families closely linked to the Salesians. The Krakow province in Poland (PLS) organized their centres and offices (SWM) to start immediate emergency help for Ukraine: gathering medical aid, food, matrasses, generators, … Trucks with this urgent aid left from Poland to reach Ukraine as soon as possible.

In the video you can see a testimony from Miklay Skrymincki and Fr. Andrzej Policht, SDB missionary in Zhytomyr, how they put all their efforts in making sure relief aid can be delivered to their affected communities in Ukraine.
“There is little food now in Ukraine, because transportation is not working. In some places there is a lack of electricity. If ther eis no electricity, there is no water, there is no heat. But…we don’t give up, we keep going. we believe we’re going to survive it. “

Mean time, Rector Major Don angel Fernandez Artime called for an immediate Emergency Response to coordinate this crisis in a effective way. Mission Office Warsaw (Fr. Krzysztof Cepil) and emergency coordinator Fr. George Menamparampil have taken the lead in this.

From all parts of the world, a huge solidarity is shown by the Salesian provinces and institutions. Fundraising campaigns, Salesian houses hosting refugees, community prayers for peace … It shows how united we are in this crisis.

Don Bosco Network members, Salesian partner, Salesian family members, worldwide, are supporting this emergency response of the Salesians in Ukraine.