Don Bosco Network Newsletter June 2019
Don Bosco Network Newsletter June 2019
DATE: June 28, 2019
CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Dear brothers and sisters in Don Bosco!

The In the last newsletter I had the pleasure to underline the importance of synergies and effective cooperation between Salesian Family organisations and networks. Since the start of this year we continue on this path of cooperation and sharing of good practices. In February in the Advocacy Working Group at UPS we had the opportunity to learn more about Don Bosco Green Alliance, rooted in Laudato Si. I really am convinced that we should take more attention to this ecological initiative. “Everything is connected with everything” says the Pope. Social and ecological crises are not two different crises, but just two sides of the same coin. If we want to fight for the marginalized youth and thus fight poverty, we have to take care of our “mother earth”. During last General Assembly of the DBN we approved the changes of the DBN Bylaws in order to be in closer link to the Salesian Congregation, including the FMA sisters. “Why not invite them next time?” as Br Jean-Paul Müller suggested it. The presence and participation of Don Bosco Tech Africa is another good example of better integration through this project of the Congregation within our DBN network. Yes, we want to continue to support regional networks with our DBN network, we want continue to work on being a real Salesian Congregation network. In this perspective I am convinced that we can contribute to the theme of next General Chapter in 2020: “What kind of salesians for the youth of today?”.

With Kind Regards,

Peter Annegarn, DBN President


Dear Friends!

From 13 February to 27 May Rector Major sent me for the Extraordinary Visitation to the Salesian Province of Bangalore. That means visiting one by one each Don Bosco mission in the state of Kerala and most of those in Karnataka. A very exciting, intense and learning experience. Among the crowds of youth, children and people, one day a little boy – six years old? – approached me at Vaduthala and gave me a little paper saying in a quite understandable English: “this is for you”. Very touched, I saw that he had handwritten: “ARE YOU HAPPY, FADER?” (spelled exactly like this). The question went straight to my Salesian heart, blossoming a good amount of thoughts, especially on how much convincing is today our Salesian joy. In fact, this world is particularly thirsting for authentic joy. Those approaching Don Bosco experienced not only the efficacy of his projects and his wide opened dreams, but also an irresistible and contagious joy.

Many agencies and NGOs, while interacting with Don Bosco’s organisms feel and see that we are invaded by a particular joy. That is not more than Don Bosco’s passion and love for the youth. Let us keep joyful our Don Bosco institutions!

In Don Bosco,

Fr. Guillermo Basañes, Councilor for the Missions


What we are looking forward to achieving in the aftermath of the World Conference, which took place in Rome 16-19.01.2019, could be summed up in four words: Greater subsidiarity, solidarity, effectiveness and transparency. Our goals are:

  1. Subsidiarity: Each Province becomes more self-sustaining. This involves finding within their own Province or country more of the resources they need, thus reducing the dependence on foreign aid. The Provinces will develop their capacity to look for funds locally. Provinces that have not started local fundraising will start doing so.
  2. Solidarity: Every Province and every Mission Office (Procura) will think of the entire Congregation and contribute to those with greater needs and less resources.
  3. Effectiveness: We shall learn the most effective ways of finding resources, changing with the times. We will work towards greater collaboration among all the Mission Offices (Procuras). We shall build a global brand, share material for communication and carry a similar message.
  4. Transparency: The Salesian standards of fundraising and administration will go beyond the demands of the general public. We shall have a sample code of ethics at the Congregational level and each Province will draw up their own rules to be adhered to.


29.05.2019. Members of the Don Bosco Network accompanied by Fr Guillermo Basanes, the Councilor for Missions, Bro Jean Paul Muller the Economer General and Fr George Menamparampil, the Coordinator of Mission Offices gathered for the annual General Assembly. The participants evaluated the activities and programs of the network and approved changes to the DBN Bylaws which bring the network in closer link to the Salesian Congregation. Mission Office from Ireland was welcomed as a new DBN member. Don Bosco Tech Africa and Don Bosco International took part in the meeting. Fr Martine Lasarte presented animation efforts of the Mission Sector in recruitment, formation/training and accompaniment to long term volunteers. The network members reflected on new technology opportunities strategies to improve effective networking and communication systems between Don Bosco organizations Worldwide. DBN members will accompany the Salesian Congregation in preparation for the next General Chapter in 2020 and reflect on the the theme: “What kind of Salesians for the youth of today”?


30.05.2019. 25 representatives of Don Bosco Network’s member organizations met at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome for meeting of the Development Cooperation Working Group. The participants exchanged their experience and planned common projects and programs. The topics discussed included:

1) Effective emergency response and necessity of resilience training especially for Salesian provinces in highly at-risk regions. The training was conducted in South Asia Region and there are further plans for training in Latin America, East Asia and Oceania Region and Africa and Madagascar Region,

2) Strategy plan for capacity building and support to PDOs worldwide,

3) Support to regional networks like Don Bosco Tech Africa, TVET centers in Latin America, Young People at Risk networks in Inter-America and South Asia Regions,

4) Support to Solar and Green Energy projects worldwide and Don Bosco Green Alliance in order to protect our planet and battle climate change

5) Strengthening of Don Bosco presence at the United Nations in New York.

6) Coordinated support to large projects and Salesian presences which require collaboration of multiple donors as it in case of newly established Don Bosco presence in Palabek in Uganda among the thousands of refugees from South Sudan.

Fr Guillermo Basanes, the Councilor for Missions, Bro Jean Paul Muller the Economer General and Fr George Menamparampil, the Coordinator of Mission Offices accompanied the meeting.


The 6th advocacy meeting of Salesian organizations took place on the 12 February 2019 at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Italy. The meeting was organized by Don Bosco Network (DBN), supported by Don Bosco International (DBI) and SDB UN representative. Over 20 representatives of Salesian organizations attended the meeting and shared their activities of advocacy in several fields. The General Councilors for the Missions and Youth Ministry, Fr. Guillermo Basañes and Fr. Fabio Attard accompanied the meeting. Among the topics discussed were: sharing 2018’s advocacy initiatives, working in common topics, such as Migrations, human-trafficking and Sustainable Development Goals; but also with a few novelties: two representatives of Don Bosco Green Alliance presented their ecological initiative rooted in Laudato Si’ and youth engagement, while AFW province sent a representative, Benson Osei-Savio Boateng, for the Don Bosco Youth Net West Africa, who shared their many activities in the field, and so for the first time counted on the presence of African representatives. The last novelty was the visit to the Vatican Dicastery for the Promotion of Human Integral Development, in order to get to know their work and study possible synergies with the different socio-political initiatives they are carrying out. The meeting ended with the exchange of best practices and materials in the field of Development Education. As a follow up Don Bosco Green Alliance supported by Don Bosco Network led Campaign for World Environment Day on the 5th of June: Do not Suffocate our Future! engaging young people in Salesian Family organizations and schools all over the World. The advocacy meeting grows year after year, and so does the number of joint initiatives.

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