DBN Newsletter July 2017
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DBN Newsletter July 2017
DATE: July 6, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

org3Dear Members of the Salesian Family!

After five years of service to DBN I handover the position of the President of the Board of Management to Peter Annegarn. Thank you so much for your cooperation over the past years. In particular thank you for your openness and every good word. Confronting the understanding of DBN, which was shaped over the last years, I would like to underline once more that DBN is an organization at the service of the Salesian Congregation. It is not a superstructure that usurps the right to manage others, but it is a body that supports others to communicate better together and meet on the planes where they can work together to achieve the goals set by the Congregation. This is not the direction I chose, but the fundamental decision of all the DBN members that formed the network. Therefore, let us not be afraid of each other, but let’s take advantage of opportunities that we can offer to each other.

I hope we meet again, at latest in heaven!

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Why is Don Bosco still important today?
DATE: April 3, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Why is Don Bosco still important today? The audio statements of these young people show that Don Bosco is the opposite of old and rusty. His preventive approach and his loving kindness towards marginalized and excluded children and youths is as valid today as yesterday. This soundcloud was created in cooperation with Medienwerkstatt Bonn.


Be the change – Don Bosco youth against hate, extremism, radicalism and discrimination
DATE: April 3, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

In cooperation with the German Grimme-Institut seven participants have produced this film in a “Digital Storytelling” workshop. They learned how to tell a good story and wrote their personal stories in small exercises, collected license free pictures and music. Finally they decided about the concept of this film and learned how to speak in front of a video camera and strengthened their digital competences.


Photo story from Volunteer in India
DATE: March 24, 2017 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

Bonn Don Bosco Mission Volunteer in a project in Tamil Nadu in India, initiated a little “campaign” against child labour.

DBN Newsletter December 2016
DATE: December 12, 2016 CATEGORY: Advocacy, News

org3Dear Members of the Salesian Family,

In each one of us, as members of the Salesian Family, there is a desire to change the world for better, more friendly for young people. Driven by this desire, we act not only locally, but we are as well taking part in the initiatives on a global level. This time, in addition to cooperation in crisis situations, we have also included a Response to the Agenda for Sustainable Development till 2030, which was developed in cooperation with and on behalf of the Salesian Congregation. The objectives defined in the Agenda 2030 are in themselves good and consistent with what we do, especially in the field of education. I am sensitizing, however, to look at it critically, paying attention to the fact that the Agenda also includes elements which are not in agreement with our faith. In our actions, let us remember as well that we do not preach Sustainable Development Goals, but we proclaim Jesus Christ crucified. And even though we join in social work, our first goal is to proclaim the Gospel, from which good works follow, for it is the Gospel that gives our actions substance and meaning.

Joanna Stozek, DBN President

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