Rector Major visit at DBN Board meeting
Rector Major visit at DBN Board meeting
DATE: October 11, 2015
CATEGORY: Advocacy

1_13_13288_We should share information, projects, we should strengthen and foster communication –  said Rector Major Ángel Fernández Artime while visiting Don Bosco Network Board Meeting that took place in Rome on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

DBN Board, including Peter Annegarn from VIA Don Bosco Belgium, Fr. Manuel de Castro from Jovenes y Desarrollo Spain, Fr. Guillermo Basañes Councilor for the Missions and two Don Bosco Network staff members  met to discuss the current activities connected to the emergency response, upcoming advocacy meeting of the Salesian Family and further development of the Network under one DON BOSCO umbrella. Rector Major Ángel Fernández Artime passed his greetings and shared a few words of encouragement.

– In this world, our congregation must be more international, interprovincial, intercultural. If we don’t think about synergy our strength, variety of our work, becomes our weakness – stressed Rector Major.

 – Our institutions are different and it is a challenge to work together, not in parallel way. We are walking in this path of solidarity that needs to be stronger in congregation. I want  to underline that you are on the good way and we are constantly monitoring and supporting the work of this Network –  he encouraged.

At the end he thanked everyone for personal effort underlining, that maybe alone we can be more efficient but it will turn against us. In long term we prefer to go slower but in communion.

Photo: InfoANS