“Save by the Bell” Campaign – VIA Don Bosco
“Save by the Bell” Campaign – VIA Don Bosco
DATE: October 5, 2016
CATEGORY: Advocacy

save by the bellEvery 5 October since 1994, UNESCO has celebrated World Teachers’ Day. Nowadays the teacher “has become a much criticized figure.” Speaking of teachers, Pope Francis has said they are “craftsmen of humanity! And builders of peace and of encounter” and he insisted, saying:” If only governments were aware of the magnitude of their task!” On the occasion of this World Teachers’ Day, the NGO “VIA DON BOSCO” decided to “draw attention to the right to access to education around the world.”

Students in Belgium are relieved at the sound of the bell after class but millions of children and adolescents around the world have no one to save them from “the well-known difficult conditions for teaching, such as overcrowded classrooms, or schools without teachers” says Christopher El Khazen, head of education for development of the NGO Via Don Bosco.

So today we celebrate the 10th annual “Saved by the bell” promoted by VIA DON BOSCO. It brings together over 500 institutions to increase awareness of the right of access to education. Among the educational centres involved there are the Salesian schools “Institut Don Bosco” et “Don Bosco Instituut” à Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

“It is important to do everything possible to make education accessible to all. Education remains a priority channel for reducing world poverty. This year we are asking politicians to sign a letter of commitment to promote education as part of their duties,” added Christopher El Khazen.

The Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Alexander De Croo, is also part of the initiative and will participate at the Sint Lugardis School in Brussels. He has promised to ring the bell with the other students of the institute. Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council also gave his support and said: “Education is a fundamental lever for development. I will continue to defend the right to a quality education and the necessary investment in the person so that they can change things.”

More information is available at: www.savedbythebell.be/fr